Business Services & Outsourcing (only for foreign invested companies)

We are the strategic ally your organization needs to outsource your accounting, payroll, and portfolio services. Thus, your organization can focus on its core business, having the opportunity to generate competitive advantages by concentrating all its attention, efforts, and resources in the most impacting activities.

By outsourcing such services, you will be able to increase your business processes efficiency, optimize your resources and facilitate your high-level decision-making process.


  • Experience
    27+ years of experience in accounting and finances.

  • Tailored Services
    Thanks to our expertise in each single service, we will help you to better understand your company so that your duties and obligations are managed in the best possible way through a highly qualified, professional, friendly, and human service.

  • Work Team
    We have high-level team, with solid training, accounting and financial expertise, and the ability to work in teams.

  • Quality
    Our customers are our reason to be and we are proud to provide high-level customer service, with reliable and comprehensible accounting and financial information.

  • Technology
    We are at the forefront of technology so that our internal processes and our customers be always efficient.

Our service areas include:

NIFF Accounting Management + Taxes:

Our approach is based on ongoing advice to your organization, by processing information in a timely manner to facilitate decision-making processes. To do so, we run the following accounting activities:

  • Operations classification and recording.
  • Accounts summary and presentation.
  • Reconciliations (Banks, accounts payable, accounts receivable).
  • Preparation of periodic financial statements.
  • Liquidation and presentation of Companys basic taxes.
  • Development and management of ledgers.

Portfolio Management:

We have in place a comprehensive collection service via telephone. Our professionals use modern collection techniques leaving our clients to establish the policies or treatment to be followed with debtors.

  • Collection can be made via electronic means (telephone, e-mail).
  • Our clients will receive periodic and agreed reports, in order to evaluate and optimize collection.
  • Debtor payments will be directly made to our clients accounts, which ensures transparency.


We will submit the reports your organization is required to, before entities such as: DIAN and District Treasury Offices As well as any other regulatory entities.

Payroll Management:

We can make your payroll be an easy process to handle by reducing operational burdens. We provide you with a solution that will allow your companys payroll be managed by expert hands through:

  • Affiliations to the social security and other contributions system.
  • Registration and control of payroll developments (reported by the client).
  • Monthly payment of payroll, social security and other contributions.
  • Preparation of payment vouchers to employees.