History – Tower Consulting Worldwide

To attend the needs of Colombian and foreign companies for accounting services with high added value, CAMILO TORRES R. & ASSOCIATES LTD was founded on November 6, 1992 as a tax consulting firm.

On October 5, 1995 it changed its legal status to that of a Public Accounting Firm. In 2004 it changed its name to TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S.

In May 2005 the firm was selected to represent IGAF WORLDWIDE in Colombia, which it did until August 31, 2006. Beginning September 1, 2006 and to date, TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S. is the Colombian firm accredited to be a member of GGI, the Swiss alliance of consultants, ranked number 6 worldwide by ACCOUNTANCY LIVE (www.accountancylive.com).

To be a member of GGI, TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S. successfully passed a rigorous process of quality control for auditing, consulting and professional advising.

Additionally, TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S. belongs to the International Tax Committee and participates in conferences and technical training in Latin America and the rest of the world to consolidate knowledge and professional experiences with other members of the international network.

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