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Lawyer and Accountant of the San Martín University Foundation. Business Administrator, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Magister in Economic Law from the Universidad Javeriana. Master in International Taxation at the International University of La Rioja in Spain, title validated under Resolution No. 21019 of October 10, 2017. Majored in Business Law from the Externado de Colombia University. Diploma in Tax Procedure and Administrative Litigation of the Colombian Institute of Tax Law (ICDT). Diploma in International Taxation at the Colombian Institute of Tax Law. Diploma in International Financial Information Standards (IFRS) of the National Institute of Public Accountants (INCP). Diploma in International Accounting Standards (IFRS) with emphasis on taxation of the Colombian Institute of Tax Law. Diploma in Tax Planning and Option Economies at the Colombian Institute of Tax Law. Diploma in Financial Audit at Incolda Cesa. Forensic Audit Seminar intergroup (Geneva Group Mexico). Meeting of the International Tax Group of G.G.I., Marbella Spain, February 2015.


Awards for Professional Performance and Excellence as an Outstanding Student awarded by the San Martín University Foundation, Faculty of Accounting 2003 and 2012. Honor Student awarded by Southern Mississippi University, 1989.

Professional experience

He has been linked to the professional practice for nearly 40 years in the public and private sectors, during which time he has been Tax Adviser and Fiscal Auditor for several national and multinational companies. In the course of his professional practice, he has been linked to the following institutions:

  • TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S. Founding Partner / President
  • NESTLÉ DE COLOMBIA S.A.  Head of Tax and Insurance Department for Colombia and Countries of the Andean Community of Nations..
  • DELOITTE & TOUCHE Tax Partner.
  • DELOITTE & TOUCHE, PITTSBURGH (PENSILVANIA, USA) Consultant of the Department of Taxes
  • DIAN
  • Adviser to the Tax Director.
  • Head of Audit
  • Division  Head of Audit IVA
  • External Auditor
  • Tax expert  National
  • Tax Clearinghouse

Teaching experience

Professor of Tax Planning and income tax for more than 20 years, in the different undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the following universities: Andes, Santo Tomas, Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Rosario (Ibagué University Corporation), Central, Gran Colombia and San Martin.

He has participated as a lecturer in the following international and national forums:  "First International Conference on Auditing, Accounting and Taxation" College of Auditors and Public Accountants, La Paz (Bolivia), November 2014. Conference issued, Fiscal Effects of International Standards: IAS 2.

GGI PG Meeting Indirect Taxes (ITPG Sub-Group) Cancún, Mexico, November 2014. Conference: Fiscal Effects of International Standards: IAS 2.

GGI, Latin American Conference, Bogota, June 2010. Lecturer in Tax Matters.

GGI PG Latin American Conference, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, November 2008. Lecturer in Tax Matters. Colombian Institute of Tax Law (ICDT) Participation as lecturer Return Seminar of Iva October 2012.

Colombian Institute of Tax Law. Round table (Exhibitor). Tax Effects arising from the implementation of I.R.F.S., and IAS 2.

Colombian Institute of Tax Law. Round table (Exhibitor). Tax effects derived from the implementation of the I.R.F.S. and IAS 2.


  • Co-author of the book "The Income Tax in Colombia, Volume I Editorial Italgraf, June 1982.
  • Author of the publication "Doing Business in Colombia" Deloitte & Touche 1.989.
  • Comments on fiscal matters daily "The Republic of 1989 and 1991.
  • In the Publication of articles Revista Impuestos de Legis Editores, like this:
  • Journal No. 30. "Fiscal Incidents of Decree 2160 of 1986". December 1988.
  • Journal No 40. "Tax auditing as an alternative to achieve an efficient collection level". August 1990.
  • Journal No. 40. "Convenience of adjustments for inflation for tax purposes". August 1990.
  • Magazine No. 42. "Do the appraisals of recognized technical value govern?" December 1990.
  • Journal No 43. "Incidence of rules on trade books". February 1991
  • Journal No. 55. "The Tax Effect of Adjustments for Inflation". February 1993.
  • Magazine No 53. "Tax Advantages of Financial Leasing". September 1992.
  • Magazine No 61. "Unconstitutionality of the Tax of Industry and Commerce of Bogotá". January 1994
  • Journal No 195. "Effects of the signature of the Fiscal Auditor in the Tax Book. May 2016.
  In the Publication of articles International Journal Legis Accounting and Auditing Publishers as follows:
  • "Tax recognition of the cost of the disposal of intangibles and of the deduction for amortization". April 2017
  • Comments in the Audit Special of the Portfolio Newspaper. February 2018


Lawyer of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with a majored in Tax Law from the Universidad del Rosario and in Commercial Law, from the same institution. He has also completed a Diploma in Tax Procedure and Administrative Litigation of the Colombian Institute of Tax Law (ICDT) and Diploma of International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS from the same institution. He has a professional experience of more than 18 years, performing tasks in Tax, Administrative, Exchange, Corporate and Labor Law in companies of the Commercial, Industrial and Services sectors.

Professional Practice

Tax Advice of:
  • Accesorios y Acabados S.A.S
  • Acumuladores Duncan S.A.
  • Alianza Y Dirección En Valores S.A.S
  • Alternativas. Alimenticias S.A
  • Amec  Foster Wheeler Colombia S.A S
  • Arflina S.A.S.
  • Argovia S.A.S.
  • Avanxo Colombia
  • Clorox De Colombia S.A
  • Coval Comercial S.A - Prochia Inversiones S.A. S
  • Eulen Colombia S.A
  • Exógena LTDA
  • Grupo F y R Ingenieros Ltda.
  • Heinsohn Business Technology S.A
  • Informa Colombia S.A
  • Laboratorios Metlen
  • Laboratorios Vogue S.A
  • Merck Sharp & Dohme Colombia S.A.S
  • Molino el Lobo S.A
  • Nulab Ltda.
  • Pólux Suministros S.A.S
  • Quintero Hermanos LTDA
  • Quirolife Colombia S.A.S
  • Sodaquimicos De Colombia S.A.S
  • Sodeca Latam
  • Subaru de Colombia S.A
  • Sysmex Colombia S.A.S
  • World Medical S.A.S
Corporate Legal Advisor of:
  • Alianza Y Dirección En Valores S.A.S
  • Coval Comercial S.A
  • Exogena Ltda
  • Informa Colombia S.A
  • Polux Suministros S.A.S
  • Quintero Hermanos Ltda.
  • Quirolife Colombia S.A.S
  • Sodeca Latam
  • Sysmex Colombia S.A.S
  • Tigre Colombia S.A.S



Accountant of the Universidad del Atlántico, a master's degree in Accounting from the Universidad Libre, with a majored in Financial Accounting, from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and a majored in Tax Management from the Universidad Libre. I also majored in Statutory Auditor and Comptroller at the Central University. With extensive experience in Leading Audit and Consulting teams in IFRS, Internationally Certified in International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS and in International Assurance Standards NIA., By the Institute of Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). With experience in the application of International Accounting Standards IFRS-IFRS, USGAAP and International Standards for Assurance and Auditing - NAI (Theoretical and Practical).

Professional Experience
  • TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S. Audit Director February 2021 – currently
  • CPA BAAS S.A.S. / CPA Associates International – MGI International) Director de Auditoria Y consultoría en NIIF Junio 2019 – febrero 2021
  • KPMG Audit Director and Cosulting at IFRS June 2019 – february 2021
  • TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S Audit Senior July de 2009 – june de 2010
  • GLOBAL BUSSINES PARTNER AUDIT – TAX – LEGAL (Firma de Auditores). Audit and Tax Senior September 2006 – april 2009

Professional Practice

Statutory Audit :
  • Bagritt de Colombia
  • Calzado Caprino
  • Coigas S.A.
  • Coopergay - Reaseguradora
  • Danaranjo S.A.
  • Ecopetrol Sony Music
  • Fundación Ways of Hope
  • GBP Audit S.A.
  • Grupo Aval S.A.
  • Infracom
  • Parqueaderos Ya S.A.S
  • Proenfar
  • Quimica Cosmos S.A.
  • Sony Music
  • Subaru de Colombia
Implementation, Advising, consulting of International Financial Information Standards / Reports under USGAAP


  • Bellota de Colombia
  • Coats Cadena
  • Laboratorios Abbott
  • Mac Johnson Controls Colombia S.A.S
  • Ingredium de Colombia
  • Werst Arco
  • Monomeros de Colombia
  • Baby Univers
  • Ricoh de Colombia
  • Agofer
  • Pepsico
  • Linde de Colombia
  • Editorial Santillana
  • Inversiones Ajoveco
  • Atlantic BPO
  • Cinemark
  • Colombiana de Telecomunicaciones ( Movistar)
  • Empresa de Energia de Boyaca - EBSA
  • Grupo INNASA
  • Hoteles Decameron
  • Hoteles Estelar
  • Interdata
  • Metrotel
  • Spain Terranum
  • Telebucaramanga
  • Triple AAA
Oil and Gas
  • Axalta ( Duppon de Colombia)
  • BC Explorations
  • Essencial ( Filial de Ecopetrol)
  • Halliburton
  • Hocol ( Filial de Ecopetrol)
  • Occidental Andina (OXI)
  • Occidental de Colombia ( OXI)
  • Organización Terpel
  • Parker Drilling
  • Tuscany
Public Sector
  • Alcaldia de Carmen de Carupa
  • Alcaldia de Cucunuba
  • Fondo Nacional de Garantias
  • ICCU
  • Intituto de Recreación y Deportes de Facatativa
  • Ministerio de Defensa
  • Ministerio de Transporte
  • Municipio de Medellin ( 14 entidades)
  • Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia
Transport y Construction
  • Consorcio ACR
  • Construcciones ACR
  • Copa Airline Colombia
  • Komatsu
  • Operadora de Granos
  • Palermo Tanks
  • Parque Arauco
  • Terminal de Transporte de Medellin
  • Trenaco

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