Our organization

TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S. is a firm of consultants and business advisors that has contributed for 28 years in the development of numerous national and foreign companies in various sectors of the economy. It has a multidisciplinary and highly qualified professional staff to provide accounting, financial, legal and administrative solutions to our clients, in a committed, ethical, efficient and innovative way.

TOWER CONSULTING WORLDWIDE S.A.S. emerged as a response to the need of companies and business groups to obtain effective solutions that generate a visible added value at reasonable costs, respecting the culture and unique characteristics of each company. Thus, our goal has been, since then, to offer an integral service that adjusts to the nature of each of our clients’ businesses.

Our firm is empowered to provide all services reserved to public accounting firms in Colombia, such as Tax Audit, External Audit, Internal Audit, Forensic Audit, Internal Control, among others. Additionally, it is specialized in the area of Taxes, Legal Services, Foreign Exchange Advisory and Foreign Investment.

We are member of GGI, a worldwide alliance of firms with presence in more than 100 countries, which has allowed us to facilitate the operations of our clients at a global level, through the attention of prestigious firms located in each country.