Sagrilaft Services and Accompaniment to the Compliance Officer

This regulation allows each of our clients to mitigate the risks related to the self-monitoring system and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, which requires companies in Colombia to implement new controls.

  • A previous meeting to explain the context of the organization and to identify the documents and procedures that the company currently has in place.

  • Preparation of a list of preliminary risk events, both corruption and ML/FT/AML/CFT.

  • Development of a survey model for both PTEE and SAGRILAFT to evaluate these risks, the purpose of which is to measure the probability of risk events.

  • Analysis of the results to inform the inherent risks.

  • Creation of the SAGRILAFT manual.

  • Development of the Ethics and Transparency Program (PTEE) if required.

  • Among other activities and deliverables to be carried out in the development of the service.


The compliance officer is the main official delegated to prevent money laundering and terrorism prevention in organizations that are required to have these systems. Our firm offers monthly legal support so that the Compliance Officer appointed by your company can effectively develop the actions that have been entrusted by the Superintendence of Corporations.

Accompanying the compliance officer

For the presentation of reports to the organization’s senior management and the preparation of the reports required by law to the various state entities.

Unlimited attention to all inquiries

To be raised by the compliance officer.

Accompanying the compliance officer

In its training processes for the different stakeholders within the monitoring actions that it must carry out.

Among other activities and deliverables

To be carried out in the development of the service.